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TP-Products can deliver Clamp Connectors (CC) to the established industry standard as referenced by NORSOK NMJ1 and NMJ3. Our Clamp Connectors are interchangeable with the equivalent type of connectors available in the market.

Our expertise in Clamp Connectors comes from 35 years of experience in producing hubs and seal rings and our long experience in designing Clamp Connectors based on modern Design By Analysis methods.

TPC clamp connector

TPC Clamp Connector Benefits

TPC Clamp Connector : how it works

The clamp connector consists of three types of components, the seal ring, the two hubs and the clamp assembly, normally consisting of two clamp halves and four bolts. The clamp fits over the two hubs and forces them against the seal ring rib. As the hubs are drawn together by the clamp assembly, the seal ring lips deflect against the inner sealing surfaces of the hubs. This deflection elastically loads the lips of the seal ring against the inner sealing surface of the hub, forming a self-energized seal.

The advantages of clamp connectors compared with bolted flanges are; the small size and low weight, and the ease of installation and assembly with only four bolts and a clamp assembly which can be rotated to the most convenient position for bolt pre-loading.


TPC Clamp Connector vs ASME

comparison between 6″ 2500# ASME Weld Neck and TPC Clamp Connector (full set incl. bolting)

weight saving
smaller outside diameter
smaller overall length

TPC Clamp Connector Components

TPC Clamp Connectors are available in all normally used Clamp Connector components in all nominal sizes up to 16″; Butt Weld hubs (BW), Blind Hubs (BL), Integral Hub (IH), Paddle Blank (PB) and Paddle Spacer (PS).

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  • Blind Hub
  • Integral Hub
  • TPC-Clamp-Connector-PaddleSpacer
    Paddle Spacer
  • TPC-Clamp-Connector-PaddleBlank
    Paddle Blank

TPC Clamp Connector Seal Ring

TP-Products produces high quality metal seal rings for compact flanges and clamp connectors which feature self-energised pressure assisted seals. The performance of such seal rings is dependent on using materials of high quality and strength. The deformation controlled functionality demands that strict dimensional tolerances are met, this is something our machine shop has 35 years of experience of achieving for Clamp Connector seal rings.

Special seal rings such as transition seal rings from one size to another, blind seal rings and seal integrity test rings are available.

The seal rings are available with coatings selected to suit the functionality of sealing for compact flanges. For subsea use, we will recommend our silver coated seals which is a very robust solution giving an extremely good and everlasting sealing performance. For topside applications, we recommend using MoS2 based dry film coatings. The seal rings used in TPC Clamp Connectors are designed to be high reliability metal to metal seals and the use of PTFE type coatings is not recommended.

Applications for TPC Clamp Connectors

Clamp connectors are used in many process piping applications in oil and gas production as well as in the petrochemical industry.

In the oil and gas industry, clamp connectors are often used in flowlines and other high pressure systems and where the compact design and small sealing diameter is of greatest advantage.

  • Oil & Gas Rig
  • Wind Power
  • LNG
TPC slimline clamp

Custom Clamp Connector Designs

TP-Products can supply tailor made clamp connectors for a wide range of special applications. Clamp connectors suitable for “spec brake” locations are available. This may be connections between two pressure classes, and or two nominal pipe sizes (enlarging and reducing hubs).

Additional Services

TP-Products can offer many services associated with our products. For equipment manufacturers who will produce their equipment with an end connection of either compact flange or clamp connector type, TP-Products can supply machining drawings as well as calculations, including non-linear Finite Element Analysis to specified codes and standards.

Our experienced engineering team can assist in finding the best technical solution for a certain application and together with pricing and delivery information guide the client to the best total solution.

In our test facilities we can perform the required pressure testing of any pressure components we deliver.

Other services includes training in assembly of compact flanges and clamp connectors and also on-site supervision.

TPC clamp connector RIT ring

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TPC clamp connector - Engineering


The engineering team at TP-Products has long experience from developing and designing pipe connectors for different applications.

For clamp connectors, design calculations are normally performed using modern design by analysis methods to codes and standards such as ASME VIII div.2, API 6A/17D, API 17 TR8, ISO 13628-7, EN-13445-3 and DNV OS-F101 & F201.

Clamp connectors to be used subsea and made from duplex materials, will be designed to meet DNV-RP-F112 to show required HISC resistance.

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