a company with a long history

TP was established back in 1968 as a machining company delivering its services to the mechanical industry. Through the years, the company has evolved to becoming much more than just a modern machine shop. Today, TP-Products are manufacturing highly complex mechanical components for the most demanding clients in a multitude of markets, and is also offering a product portfolio of tailor made compact connectors and subsea valves, stabs and jumpers. TP-Products’ internal value chain comprises everything from design, engineering and innovation, to manufacturing and testing of its products, all done in-house at our modern facilities in Drammen, Norway.

TP Products


TP-Products´ core values define who we are and differentiate us from others. All employees have to “live” these values, and it’s all about behavior. Our core values guide us in all we do, i.e. decisions and actions, and is clearly conveying what we expect from each other.