TP Asker Subsea has more than 25 years of experience with design and manufacturing of Hydraulic Stabs and Jumpers for the oil and gas industry.

All engineering and production is performed inhouse at one location.

One of our main assets is that with overall modern facilities, we have the flexibility to provide short lead time for our products, which are all machined, assembled and tested according to industry standards.

We can deliver both Hydraulic Stabs and Receptacles for the customers to use in their own assemblies, or we can supply complete Jumpers with our own HISC-proof fittings which are designed to prevent them from loosening. The TP Asker Hydraulic Stab is a quick connector that is self-locking when entered into the Hydraulic Receptacle. The Hydraulic Stab and Receptacle have one hydraulic line. They both also have an integrated pressure balanced Check Valve to close off the line when the Stab is disconnected from the Receptacle.

The Hydraulic Jumper typically has one or two hydraulic lines. Two pressure balanced Check Valves are integrated into the line, one at each end, to close off the line when the Hydraulic Subsea Stab is disconnected from the Receptacle. The Hose used in the Hydraulic Jumper is reinforced with a carcass made from AISI316 to prevent it from collapsing. Both the Hydraulic Stab and Hydraulic Jumper are produced and tested according to ISO 10423:2009(E)/API 6A.

We also supply a range of auxiliary products such as Parking Receptacles, Dust Caps for Stabs and Receptacles and more sophisticated Protection Caps.

For our Jumpers we can also deliver ROV-hooks for easy handling.

Most of these products may be refurbished and reused; please see the “Refurbishment” section for more information about this service.

Our standard Hydraulic Connector product range is described below.


Nominal size:¾”
Standard Pressure Classes:5650 psi (390 bar) and 10000 psi (690 bar)
Stab Interface:Threaded – several options available
ROV Interface Hydraulic Stab and Protection Cap:Fishtail of D-type ROV handles
Receptacle Interface:Weld end or threaded connection. Flange for mounting on structure.
Materials:Super Duplex / Inconel materials