Powerful hex meshing technology to improve TP-Products’ FEA calculations workflow

TP Products is specialized in creating highly complex mechanical components for clients who demand the best performance in the most challenging environments. Our extensive product portfolio includes compact connectors designed for high-pressure applications, innovative wind power flanges, subsea valves, stabs, and jumpers. Our facilities in Drammen, Norway take care of all aspects of our products, from design and engineering to manufacturing and testing.

TP-Products has recently launched the TPC Ultra Compact Connection product range. It’s based on the already existing compact flange technology, but offers additional advantages with its more compact and lighter design. A simplified range with only 3 pressure classes, less variants, more uniformity and a UX bi-directional seal ring that is both compatible with flanged and hubbed interfaces.

In order to create accurate documentation regarding the functionality and structural capacity of the flanges, it is necessary to simulate each combination of type, size, and material. Simulation always has played a crucial role in the design process and testing. Therefore, we believe it is important to utilize the best technology available to simplify this process.

The Ultra Compact Flange series is designed to connect pipes of various sizes (ranging from 0.5” to 36”) and types, resulting in thousands of potential combinations of sizes, materials, and component configurations.

To document the flanges’ functionality and structural capacity, a simulation is needed for each type, size, and material combination. TP-Products chose software to automate the generation of a high-quality hex mesh for each combination. A manual process would have been extremely time-consuming and inefficient. Flanges are subjected to symmetric and asymmetric loads, such as internal pressure, tension loads through pipes, bending moments, and torsion. Each load requires a unique mesh.


TP-Products uses Coreform Cubit’s Python API to generate high-quality hex meshes of flanges from a set of input parameters including desired dimensions, bolt sizes and number of bolts. Today, Coreform Cubit is an essential part of TP-Products’ simulation workflow. It is extremely powerful and easy to use and having used it already to generate hex meshes in hundreds of simulations.

More detailed information can be found on the following link:  https://coreform.com/products/coreform-cubit/case-studies/tpflange/