TP-Products new revolutionary bi-directional seal ring granted a patent

“Finally we got the patent approval for our seal ring where the sealing portions are disconnected from each other allowing them to move completely freely relative to each other during operation,” says the inventor Knut Erik Uverud.  “It has been real fun working on this and reaching the finish line with this patent approval is a big milestone for TP-Products “

This is the second patent approval the last month for TP-Products.  The last patent is named “Seal ring”  including an annular seal ring adapted for use in conduit connectors. TP-Products are selling the seal ring under the name UX seal ring and is currently being qualified and type-approved for 15 K design pressure and 10000 ft water depth in a variety of material grades.  Temperature range is -29 to 135 degr. Celsius.  The seal is about 1/3 of the total height of the size-seals used in today’s clamp connections. This UX seal will enable the new TPC ultracompact connection system where the same seal is used in both the compact flanges and clamp connectors. This bore seal solution reduces the pressure area with 50% compared to today’s flange design which again will reduce the flange connection weight with 50%.  This is an additional contributor besides the wind tower and structure flanges from TP-Products in the green transition towards a more sustainable process industry. More exiting news to come in the near future!

For more information contact Technical Director Sjur Lassesen