TP-Products @ Wind Energy Science Conference

TP-Products presented our wind flange for use in towers and floating structures on the conference Wind Energy Science Conference 28th of May as one of six speakers within the area “Support structure connections – Latest research on ring flanges and future connection types”. Sjur Lassesen, our Technical Director was the presenter.

Getting the opportunity to present our wind solutions in such a forum is showing that our solutions are of interest to the industry.  Our compact flange solution is showing that wind turbine tower flange bending moment capacity can increase as much as 40-60% compared to a traditional wind tower flange with the same dimensions. Fatigue life will also be considerable improved with more than 10 times. This increase in capacity gives the turbine supplier an opportunity space with respect to i.e., reduce diameter of the flange itself, reduce number of bolts needed, minimize size of bolts, avoid derating of turbine in addition to also managing to take the increased loads in the tower as a result of larger turbines. Including that the compact flange principle is maintenance free and represent an equal or lower LCOE that traditional flange design in wind towers, is showing that this is a competitive solution compared to traditional flange design.