TP Asker Subsea has more than 25 years of experience with design and manufacturing of Subsea Stabs for the oil and gas industry.

All engineering and production is performed inhouse at one location.

One of our main assets is that with overall modern facilities, we have the flexibility to provide short lead times for our products, which are all machined, assembled and tested according to industry standards.

Our own “Asker Subsea Stab” is of a proven design well known throughout the market. The classic Stab, in combination with our Subsea Receptacle, forms a connection which is easily operated by ROV or diver, with very low mating force compared to its bore size. It has high flow capacity due to its straight flow design. We also supply a blind for our Receptacle; the TP Asker Subsea Pressure Cap. The Pressure Cap is easily and safely operated and has a built-in bleed off function, which is controlled in the same motion as the locking mechanism.

We can also supply simpler Side Ported Stabs, Blind Stabs and Receptacles as a cost saving alternative. These may also be delivered in dual entry Receptacle configurations to add flexibility for applications such as pig launchers.

Both our classic and side ported Stabs and Receptacles can easily be combined with our other products, such as the Subsea Ball Valve or our Outlet /Check Valve to keep assemblies compact and save weight and cost (reduced need for welding and crossovers).

We also supply a range of auxiliary products such as Parking Receptacles, Dust Caps for Stabs and Receptacles and more sophisticated Protection Caps.

Most of these products may be refurbished and reused; please see the “Refurbishment” section for more information about this service.

Our standard Subsea Connector product range is described below. In addition, we can supply customized products – please contact us if you have special requests.

subsea connectors
subsea connectors


Nominal size:1" – 4"
Standard Pressure Classes:5000 psi, 7500 psi and 10000 psi
Stab Interface:Threaded, clamp interface and WECO for select models
ROV Interface Stab & Pressure Cap:Fishtail of D-type ROV handles, ring handles also available for some stab models
Receptacle Interface:Flanged to fit directly on our Subsea Ball Valves, Weld Neck, threaded
Materials:Super Duplex or AISI 316