Approved patent for L-Flange used for structural applications

TP-Products is very pleased to announce that the Norwegian Industrial Property Office has approved our patent application for an internal L-flange based on the compact flange principles, used for structural applications such as wind turbine towers.  The approved patent is named:

”A flange element for a flange connection, a flange connection for a tower structure and a tower structure comprising such a flange connection.”

“This is a great achievement”, says Sjur Lassesen, Technical Director of TP-Products.  “We have been working with our development team on the L-flange – for use in wind turbine towers – for about 3 years now and are very pleased that the hard word now is rewarded with an approved patent application”. “We are now in the process of presenting our solution to mainly the wind power industry where there was a clear request for minimising costs by finding an optimal solution that extends the lifespan of tower structures. Our flange design is maintenance-free and therefore results in a lower cost of energy during operation and an increase of produced energy per m in diameter, compared to traditional flange solutions”.

Our new flange design is also suitable for use in transition pieces and floating wind structures.

TP Products L-Flange


Please contact Sjur Lassesen or Helle Hundseid for more information or for a meeting. You may find the contact details on our website