Refurbishment services at your disposal

TP Asker Subsea provides various refurbishment services for our products.

Standard refurbishment includes: cleaning, replacement of all seals and bearings, assembly and testing

Benefit of refurbishment

  • Reduced cost compared to purchase of a new product by up to 70%

  • CoC, FAT report and traceability list for all new parts with each delivery

  • Short turn-around time

Refurbishment Principles

We carry out the refurbishment follow these steps:


Cleaning, disassembly and assessment

Three possible conclusions:
a) Refurbish – no repair needed
b) Approved by client to refurbish and repair
c) Repair cost too high – scrap


If a)  Refurbish – No repair needed:
Refurbish and perform pressure test /FAT

If b)   Approved by client to refurbish and repair:
Agree on scope of repair, carry out repair and refurbishment including pressure test / FAT

If c)   Repair cost too high – scrap:
Scrap according to agreement with client. Quotation for new products upon request.