DNV Certificate for the use of structural wind flanges in turbine towers and transition pieces.

“This is a big milestone for TP-Products having now in place certificates for use of our structural wind flanges in both towers and floaters.  After close to 6 years development work in transferring our flange experience from the oil & gas industry over to the wind industry through extensive testing and analysis work, we have now got the stamp that our flange solution is feasible,” says Technical Director Sjur Lassesen.

Last year our flange solution was selected over welding in a small-scale floater outside France, which has now been in the sea for close to one year with success. We are also in dialogue with customers regarding the use of our tower flange in transition pieces and towers. We expect that we will soon see testimonials in the form of contracts that customers have chosen our flange solution as their preferred solution either for floaters instead of welding or for towers instead of conventional flange designs, says Helle Hundseid, Sales & Business Development Director. She is also noting that TP-Products’ main market is outside Norway.

So why shall our customers select our structural wind flanges in floaters and towers? Our flanges are maintenance-free, with no loose bolts or corrosion on the flange surfaces. In addition, they have higher strength capacity than conventional designs that are not maintenance free. Higher strength capacity can be transferred to a smaller and lighter flange with smaller bolts, with the same strength capacity as a traditional flange. This is used in floaters instead of welding, which saves considerable assembly time and therefore costs, on a huge project we can be talking about savings up to one year or more.

Do you want to learn more about our structural wind flanges ? We are arranging a webinar Wednesday 6th of December.

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